Safety First at Gross Electric Inc.

"Gross Electric, Inc. places a high value on maintaining a safe work environment. We believe that no completed job has been done successfully unless it was completed accident free. Safety is a core value that permeates the entire organization. We will ensure our management team, field electricians, and all support staff are well trained and prepared to work safely in any type of work environment and will hold accountable any people that do not work within our high safety standards. Safety has been and always will be our #1 priority." - Andrew Mahan, Safety Director

Gross Electric employees receive an extensive safety orientation before starting work and receive another safety orientation at the jobsite on hazards that are unique to the project.

Gross Electric employees receive safety training weekly and are subjected to unannounced safety inspections designed to eliminate unsafe conditions normally found on a jobsite. Incidents, although rare, are thoroughly investigated and policies are implemented to insure an incident free environment. Furthermore, Gross Electric supervision receives extensive safety training annually.

Gross Electric belongs to the Holmes Safety Association and is also a member of the Adirondack Foothills Safety Group.

If your company is interested in hiring Gross Electric to take care of your electrical needs and reviewing safety statistics is part of your prequalification process feel free to forward these requests to our Safety Director at amahan@grosselectricinc.com.

At Gross Electric Inc., safety is good businsess.

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